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Speech of the dean of the college

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About the College

College of fine arts/ Babylon university was established in 1980/ 1981 under the name 'Academy of Fine Arts' and it was connected with Mustansiriya University. In 1987/ 1986 the name was changed to the college of fine arts and connected with Kufa university. The college has four sections in the morning and evening studies they are: fine art education department, theater art department, plastic art department and applied art department. The college also has graduate studies ( Ma. And PhD). First batch graduated from the college in 1984/1985, and the number of graduated students was 14 students. Now, the number of bachelor students is 1718 and the college is about to develop two departments ( department of design and department of audio and visual arts.

College Departments:

The College of Fine Arts is divided into four Departments:

  • 1-Theatrical Art
  • 2-Fine Arts
  • 3-Art Education
  • 4–Designing.

The college prepare a well-qualified cadres in fine arts that participate in raising the level of art tasting and let the world know about the high-level of the Iraqi art. In addition, considering architecture as one unit with the art of sculpture ,decoration and the art of mural painting. Furthermore, the participation in TV shows, drama and plays.