College Vision

The college tries to deepen the educational knowledge and connect them with fine arts and educational arts. Reinforcing educational curriculums with art seminars, acts, cultural sessions, and visual and auditory shows. Using advanced means so this division will be a resource for providing government institutions with well-prepared cadres. Applying the principals of overall quality management and academic accreditation in the light of ministry criteria in order to raise the artistic reality in the country

College Mission

The college aims to prepare a well-qualified cadres in fine arts and establishing the cultural values and morals in the graduates. Adopting the artistic and scientific means in dealing with the problems that we face. Improving the work as one team and proving the effectiveness of art in the light of overall quality management and academic accreditation.

College Values

1.Raising the artistic movement to the highest levels.

2.Providing Iraqi ministries with a well-qualified cadres.

3.Preparing specialists in art and granting academic degrees.

4.The variation in the academic degrees granted to the students

5.The active participation in creating artistic environment